Python-Pandas snippets for Data Science.

Python-Pandas snippets for Data Science. Pandas is very popular Python library for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization, I would like to share my personal view on the list of most often used functions/snippets for data analysis. 1.Import Pandas to Python… Continue Reading

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Financial institutions have been rapidly increasing the usage of digital technology since the 1970s. Competitive market enforced having the latest technology in many operations that used to be manual in the past. Looks like one of… Continue Reading

Scikit-NeuralNetwork, Deep Learning for Numerai.

In a previous post on Numerai, I have described very basic code to get into a world of machine learning competitions. This one will be a continuation, so if you haven’t read it I recommend to do it- here. In… Continue Reading

Numerai – Gradient Boosting example.

In this post, I want to share, how simple it is to start competing in machine learning tournaments – Numerai. I will go step by step, line by line explaining what is doing what and why it is required. Numerai… Continue Reading

Quant Finance

There is a vast literature on the investment decision making process and associated assessment of expected returns on investments. Traditionally, historical performances, economic theories, and forward looking indicators were usually  quant quant interview questionsquant quant risk quantitative trading quantitative trading put… Continue Reading